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 Tuscan Heights Lavender Gardens, Herb Gardens, Nursery Plants, Grape Vineyards,
Steam Distilled Pure Essential Lavender Oil and Lavender Floral Water have ALL been:
Certified Naturally Grown and Shasta County Registered ORGANIC.
We are Powered by SOLAR ENERGY.  ("Green" before "Green" was cool!)
Tuscan Heights Lavender Gardens has been Organically growing the
HIGHEST quality Lavender in the North State since 2003!  
 We pride ourselves on being one of the Largest Lavender Plant Variety Growers in the State of California.
We are diligently working on becoming the Largest Lavender Plant Variety Grower, Nation Wide!
Please, shop around.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
             Proud Business Member of               Proud supporter of Relay for Life           Tuscan Heights Lavender Gardens         
        the Herb Society of America             & the American Cancer Society             Is a Certified Naturally Grown FARM!


Upcoming Products
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**Craft Grade Lavender Flower Buds - 16 oz. (Field blend of buds 08/01/2015
**Craft Grade Lavender Flower Buds - 8 oz. (Field blend of buds) 08/01/2015
**True English Lavender Field Bundle - 10" - 12" Dried Bouquet. 08/01/2015