Why Organic/GREEN?

Our Commitment to Renewable Power & Organic Practices

Tuscan Heights Lavender Gardens is committed to growing everything on our land, under the strict laws that govern all Certified Organic growing practices. We place the highest emphasis on High Quality Organic nursery stock and Organic & All Natural Luxury Bath & Body / Spa Products, as well as, Organic and All Natural Culinary Products, Organic Steam Distilled True Essential Lavender Oils, and Organic Cut Lavender Bundles.
We make every effort to impact our community and environment in the most positive way, including promoting RENEWABLE ENERGY  That's right, in addition to going "Organic", we have decided to commit to renewable energy. We utilize the use of SOLAR Energy with our newly installed 5000 KW SOLAR SYSTEM.
The System powers our entire Estate, Greenhouse, Garden Gift Shop, our on-site Home and our entire water well system pump house. We have installed a High Tech - Superior Drip irrigation system that is used in all growing fields, gardens and vineyards to insure proper water levels and usage, so nothing is waisted!  We also compost all of the spent Lavender after the distillation process is complete, and we do all lavender harvesting by hand.

It is our sole purpose to have the confidence of offering our customers the BEST possible products made All Naturally and Organically with our 100% Certified Organic Lavender, herbs, & edible flowers. Our Lavender Nursery, Lavender Gardens, Lavender Essential Oil, Herb & Edible Flower Gardens, and Vineyards are listed as Registered Organic through the Shasta County Department of Agriculture. We are also registered with the CNP - Certified Naturally Grown.

We only use OMRI approved organic fertilizers and products and continue to look for additional practices that provide the best outcome for the human and natural environments now and for all generations to come.

"USDA Certified Organic" stands for the way agricultural products are grown. When consumers choose organic foods they are voting for the local farming industry and the agricultural production system that replenishes and maintains soil fertility, eliminates the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers, and builds biologically diverse agriculture. This is organic. [ Taken from the Organic Trade Association 2007. ]   Though Tuscan Heights Lavender Gardens is no longer "Certified", we continue to practice all of our proceedures as if we are.

The Future is Renewable energy.
Yet, there are over 60 California Hydroelectric power Project Licenses Expiring between 1993-2010.
 Are we really going to waste tax payer dollars to allow these plants to be shut down or decommissioned?
Isn't the whole idea of RENEWABLE ENERGY to SAVE Money?

SAVE Hydroelectric Power!

Kilarc Hydroelectric Power Plant was built in 1903 and is one of California's truly unique and picturesque historical sites.
The Plant is one of the OLDEST, Functioning Hydroelectric Power Plants in California. It continues to provide power to the
area residents to this date. The Kilarc Lake/Reservoir, off Miller Mountain Road in Whitmore (just north of Tuscan Heights Lavender Gardens), is truly a site to see.   This fully stocked lake has been the location where families & friends have trout fished for over 100 years. The park setting is equipped for daily use, and has a wonderful picnic area, with clean tables, barbecue facilities, and clean rest rooms.

The beauty of the landscape and the breath taking views of the surrounding majestic Cascade Mountain Range is surreal.
Completely peaceful and serene is the experience you will have by just spending a few quiet moments at the Reservoir.
When visiting Kilarc Reservoir, you'll experience nature at a completely different level than ever before!
The amazing wild life (some of which was recently on the endangered spices list), that you most definitely will encounter, will open your eyes to life the way it was meant to be.

Help us to save this Spectacular Location for all our future generations, before it is deconstructed and destroyed, forever.

Help us to SAVE Kilarc Reservoir & Hydro Power Plant, plus the Cow Creek Watershed
Please check out these websites for more information on how you can help:

a poem by: Mr. Glenn Dye
In the pine covered hill above Whitmore
is a jewel of a fine fishing lake,
technically known as the Kilarc fore bay,
that wanton destruction is set to take.

State Agencies agreed to decommission
the stable environment of 100 years,
for enhancing endangered fish spawning,
without the impact of stakeholder fears.

Kilarc Power Station on Old Cow Creek
has never affected fish populations,
Scientists put the problem elsewhere.
Removal would not improve conditions.

The impact of the great outdoors
is inherent in Fore Bay Shore fishing,
picnicking, hiking, wildlife, and vistas.
Therapy to children is outstanding.

Save Kilarc, Save Kilarc, echoing cry
of a community for salvation
of a gem providing recreation,
for young and old of each generation.