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Owned and operated by Richard Gooch. The land that was to become "Tuscan Heights Lavender Gardens" was purchased in the summer of 1999. Tuscan Heights Lavender Gardens is located on the majestic mountain side off Fern Road East in Whitmore, California and is nestled in the Shasta Cascade Mountain Range between Mount Shasta and Mount Lassen in Shasta County, California—only 35 miles east of Redding, California.

The history of the property, from my understanding, goes something like this: In 1987, a fierce wild fire burned through this area. The beautiful forest-like property was devastated, leaving the hollows of dead, burnt out trees, and exposing large boulders over the landscape. The fire had taken a large bite out of a truly lush and gorgeous mountainside.

When I purchased the land, over ten years after the fire, it was completely overgrown with poison oak and manzaneta brush. An unknown number of people had been using the back side of the property as a "dump site," by leaving all kinds of trash, tires, and building waste behind. Needless to say, that section of the property was an eyesore. I was asked what I could possibly see in this ugly, worthless piece of property (at the time, it was truly an ugly piece of property). The answer to all asking that question was, "Well, I'll figure something out!" The earth had had over ten years to heal its wounds and the "SOIL" was just as beautiful and rich as it could possibly be! This amazing piece of "God's Country" was a blank canvas waiting for just the right person, with just the right amount of patience and imagination, to paint the perfect picture.

So, I bought a John Deere tractor and started moving some dirt! It took nearly four years to clear the land and clean up what the 1987 fire had left behind. In the Spring of 2002 I started building my "dream home." I moved in the Spring of 2003 and the Lavender journey began at the same time with the planting of about 25 Lavandula x intermedia: Provence lavender plants. That was it. I was hooked, and have been planting Lavender ever since.

When I decided to dive deeper into educating myself about the plant, its biology, life and growth habits, etc. I made some amazing discoveries about Lavender. I discovered that as of 2004, there were approximately 39 documented species of genus Lavandula. From those 39 species, there were nearly 400 known named sub-species (varieties) in the world (The Genus Lavandula 2004 -by: Tim Upson & Susan Andrews).

Here at Tuscan Heights Lavender Gardens, we are the fortunate hosts to over 200 different Lavender plant varieties, including our signature Lavandin: Tuscan Lavender. We are authorized growers of the Tuscan Lavender, a premium quality Lavandula x intermedia or “Lavandin” that is said to have been brought into America from the Tuscan region of Lucca, Italy back in 1987. All told, we currently grow close to 25,000 lavender plants in our gardens.

We also grow over 150 different culinary herbs and edible flower varieties, including a small "Rosemary" variety garden and "scented geranium" garden. We have also planted a small Italian wine grape vineyard.

We are registered with the Shasta County Department of Agriculture as California Organic Growers and Certified "Naturally Grown" through  We are proud Member's of the Herb Society of America and Shasta Cascade Viticulture Association.

Here at Tuscan Heights, we have all ways been in love with the Lavender family of plants: For their intoxicating aroma, everlasting beauty (even when not in bloom), and for the sheer pleasure and extreme peace you encounter when you have surrounded yourself with this hearty and bountiful plant.

Tuscan Heights offers you only the finest Organic Lavender Plants and Award Winning Organic & All Natural Lavender products for home or gardening use, and many Lavender Specialty products all created with our own organically grown lavender flowers and packaged on site. Our supreme USDA Certified Organic Lavender is grown specifically for your Gourmet Culinary Use, Fine Crafts, Organic Bath and Body Products, Lavender for the Home, and Products for the Master Gardener in all of us! We will also soon offer wonderful Tea Parties and also Fine Wedding bouquets and Favors.

We invite you to take a drive up to Tuscan Heights Lavender Gardens and experience for yourself the impeccable beauty, the enticing aroma, and the enchantment of our majestic surroundings. Come on up and visit where the towering rock formations meet the backdrop of a Cedar, Oak, and Pine forest and overlook a gorgeous multi-colored field of lavender in full bloom! This is the place where you will find the truest form of abundant inner peace.

The Tuscan Lavender is an excellent producer of essential Lavender oil and is one of our main plantings here at THLG. It produces one of the sweetest smelling oils I have ever distilled. Tuscan Oil is what we use when making some of the wonderful products that we sell in our gift shop. We also distill Lavandula x Angustifolia (True English varieties) Essential Oil, and use it in ALL of our fine, organic bath and body products. We steam distill our own lavender in order to offer you the highest quality essential oil and products.

Other fine varieties in our gardens will include: Royal Velvet, Royal Purple, Hidcote Blue & Pink, Abrilii, Dutch, Super, Graves, Lullingstone Castle, Coconut Ice, Fiona, Maillette, Sharon Roberts, Norfolk J-2, Buena Vista, Grosso, Provence, Otto Quast, Papillion, Portuguese Giant, Blue Star, and many, many more...

Please check out our Plant Collections page for a partial listing of what lavender plants we grow.

For questions, send us an e-mail:

We hope you enjoy visiting our website and truly hope you can visit our lovely gardens someday!